Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger

Citric fruits, spicy, fresh and forthright. This special root is able to liven up recipes that are flat and short on flavour. Fresh Ginger, as its name suggests, accurately reproduces the flavour and aroma of freshly cut ginger. However, it offers us one essential advantage: the ability to measure the exact amount necessary of an ingredient that is usually difficult to control with precision.

Ideal for…

Salads, pasta, fish, rice and sauces.


5 drops of Droplets® Fresh Ginger
2 cl lemon juice
1 cl grenadine
2.5 cl blackberry liqueur
4 cl Japanese sake
4 cl Grey Goose vodka

Gently mash the ginger directly in a Boston shaker.
Add all of the remaining ingredients and shake with plenty of ice.
Serve the cocktail in a previously prepared cup 3/4 full of crushed ice.
Decorate the cocktail and serve with two short straws.


180 g tuna steak
5 g horseradish
0.5 g sesame oil
10 g soya
5 drops of Droplets® Fresh Ginger
2 thin Melba toast

Mince the tuna steak.
Season with the rest of the ingredients.
Serve with the Melba toast.
Droplets® Fresh Ginger adds freshness to the dish.