Indian Spices

Indian Spices

Masalas, or spice blends crafted in India, provide fascinating flavours and create exotic harmonies. These masalas not only add flavour, but often also produce earthy textures and contain salt, thereby making them unsuitable for certain creations. Droplets® Indian Spices , however, has the advantage of not contributing texture, virtually adding no colour and not being salty, while maintaining all the masala’s aromatic intensity. It is perfect for use in teas, juices, long drinks, soups, etc.

Ideal for…

Salads, pasta, broths, rice dishes, pork and oil-rich fish.


3 drops of Droplets® Indian Spices
6 cl apple juice
6 cl passion fruit juice
6 cl Lychee juice
1 cl Coconut syrup

Mix the ingredients and serve in a glass teapot filled with ice.


200 g almonds
300 g Tramezzini bread
2 garlic cloves
120 cl Chardonnay Vinegar
1.5 L water
10 cl Olive Oil (0.4º acidity)
20 drops of Droplets® Indian Spices

Put all the ingredients together except the oil and blend.
Mix with the oil.
Add the Droplets® Indian Spices (200 g ajo blanco).
The Droplets® adds a tinge of spiciness to the Ajo Blanco, a unique touch.