Darjeeling Tea & Chamomile

Darjeeling Tea & Chamomile

Attempting creations with a prominent chamomile or tea flavour inherently involves difficulties. Consequently, Droplets® Djargelee Tea & Chamomile has been created to enable us, in a simple, accurate way, to add the defined, elegant taste of tea and chamomile to our creations. Highly recommended for fruity or floral cocktails, cold desserts with cut fruit, as well as sorbets and sweet cream sauces.

Ideal for…

Desserts, fresh fish and infused broths.


1.5 cl Monin tangerine syrup
1 tsp sugar syrup
1 cl elderflower cordial
1.5 cl lime juice
5 drops of Droplets® Djargelee Tea & Chamomile
3 cl Japanese sake.
3 cl Suntory whisky

Ensure the cup is well chilled.
Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.
Serve the cocktail in the cup and fill with crushed ice.
Decorate the cocktail.


500 cl single cream
500 g dark chocolate (Chocovic 70%)
50 drops of Droplets® Djargelee Tea & Chamomile

Heat the cream until it reaches boiling point.
Put the chocolate in a bowl and pour in the hot cream.
Whisk the mixture until obtaining a homogeneous mass.
Add the Droplets®.

Droplets® Djargelee Tea & Chamomile brings freshness to the chocolate.