Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom, a classic ingredient in oriental cuisine, has an intense flavour, is slightly spicy and somewhat herbal. It is currently very popular in the cocktail world, combining it with green apple, passion fruit or aged rum blends. Green Cardamom makes it easier to integrate this spice, instantly and accurately, into all kinds of cocktails.

Ideal for…

Desserts, broths and Asian pastries.


6 drops of Droplets® Green Cardamom
6/8 mint leaves
1 dash of soda
3 tsp of kumquats
2 cl Monin tangerine syrup
3 cl fresh lime juice
3 cl Monin Mojito Mint syrup
3 cl Bacardi 8 year old Rum
4 cl Bacardi Superior

Gently crush the mint leaves directly into the Boston shaker.
Introduce the remaining ingredients (except the soda) and stir with a spoon.
Add plenty of crushed ice and shake for 10 seconds.
Serve the contents in the glass, add the soda and stir.
Decorate with a sprig of mint.


170 g onion
20 g Olive Oil (0.4º acidity)
20 g red curry paste
250 g Coconut milk
150 g velvet crab broth
25 drops of Droplets® Green Cardamom

Sauté the onion in the oil.
Add the curry and cook for a minute or so.
Add the coconut milk and velvet crab broth. Reduce until the desired texture is obtained.
Add the Droplets®.
Droplets® Green Cardamom adds a shade of the characteristic curry mix flavour.