Tonka Bean

Tonka Bean

The Tonka bean is a seed, found mainly in South America, with a spectacular, yet delicate aroma. Its flavour reminds us of almond, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. Delicious in drinks containing aged distillates, tropical fruits, such as passion fruit, or in cakes and sponges.

Ideal for…

Desserts, salads and fresh fish.


4 drops of Droplets® Tonka Bean
3.5 cl single cream
3.5 cl Giffard Creme de Cacao Liqueur
3.5 cl Bacardi 8 year old Rum

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve in a “Pompadour” glass.
Decorate the cocktail.


70 g onion
70 g tomato
10 g ñora* paste
20 cl squid ink
500 g Cannoli rice
1 L velvet crab broth
10 drops of Droplets® Tonka Bean
* Ñoras are a type of slightly spicy, small pepper from the Spanish region of Murcia.

Gently fry the onion until browned.
Add the tomato and simmer until well cooked.
Add the squid ink and ñora paste.
Cook the rice for about a minute before covering with the broth.
Season with salt and pepper.
Add the Droplets® to the rice.

Droplets® Tonka Bean bestows an unexpected, surprising smoky taste.